Teaching, Fall 2015

Seminars, PhD courses and Reading Groups

  • Seminar on Semantics of Linear Logic. Start Date November 26th, 2015. Organiser: Jonas Frey, Rasmus Møgelberg, and Thomas Seiller.
  • Ralf Sasse will give a PhD mini course on the Tamarin tool, January 25-29, 2016. Host: Carsten Schuermann

Some previously Offered PhD courses

  • Cubical sets, Dec 2014. Taught by Thierry Coquand and Simon Huber
  • Structural Proof Theory
  • Code Scanning
  • Homotopy Type Theory Seminar, Spring 2014
  • Category theory (offered 2013, 2010)
  • Advanced Process Calculi 2013
  • Programming languages in string diagrams, 2011. Taught by Paul-André Melliès